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5 movies that will inspire you to travel

On days when you just want a quick escape, a movie is always a great option. If you’re looking to head abroad but don’t have a trip planned (yet), we highly recommend watching one of these five movies.


1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
If you’re wondering what really helped the tourism in Iceland, I’d point to this movie. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty follows Walter who hates his job and wants to do something more exciting with his life. Needing an image from a photographer Walter knows, Walter goes on an adventure to find the photographer. Along the way, he goes on an adventure around Iceland and the breathtaking scenery is one that’ll make you want to hop on a flight immediately.

2. Before Sunrise (Trilogy)
I will watch all of these movies back-to-back when I’m missing Europe. It follows a young couple that meet on a train in Europe and get off a random stop together to spend the whole night walking around the foreign city. At the end of the night when they decide to go different directions you’re left wondering, will they ever see each other again (spoiler alert: there are two other movies to this story). Beautiful, soul grabbing and set in a beautiful city.

3. In Bruges
While the movie may be about Colin Farrell trying to hide from hit men out to kill him, Bruges is the most perfect and beautiful setting for this movie. The dark comedy showcases Farrell and Brendan Gleeson exploring the medieval town and will absolutely make you want to book a trip to see this gorgeous city.


4. Call Me By Your Name
Want your heart broken? Watch this movie. Want to dream of Italy? Also watch this movie. The cinematography of this film had me holding my breath and immediately looking up where it was filmed. The dreamy fields. The cobblestone streets. The historic buildings and sculptures. It’s definitely a place to add to your bucket list.

5. Midnight in Paris
Oh, Paris. Dreamy, dreamy Paris. Set mainly in 1920s Paris, it follows Gil, a writer on vacation with his fiancé and her family. At night, he wanders the streets of Paris stumbling into a time warp where he finds himself in 20s Paris and the time period that he’s always been fascinated by. It plays on all the classic cliches of Paris, but is one to watch when you’re dreaming of the City of Lights.

Mackenzie Taylor