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You hear that? Cuba is calling!

Oh, Cuba. A country full of colorful buildings, old fashioned cars, incredible nightlife and the home of the infamous writer Ernest Hemingway. It’s a country that will take you by the hand, love you unconditionally, and leave you wanting more. Seriously.

After the four-decade long ban from the country, we are thrilled to bring Americans from all over the country to the little island that is only 90 miles from Florida. Even though the Cuba is so close to the States, it couldn’t be more different. While you’re constantly immersed on your phone and technology in the US, that’s not something that happens in Cuba. You will enjoy a complete digital detox and it’s something that you’ll enjoy immensely. We promise.

Join our trip in March, where you will take a long weekend to see why we can’t and won’t ever stop talking about Cuba. Tour the capital city of Havana on a classic car tour, explore the famous cigar farm, discover gorgeous views from Viñales that will take your breath away, and discover all the parts of Cuba that Hemingway loved so very much.

If you’re wanting to escape the world for a bit and enjoy a leisurely vacation, our Cuban Getaway is the trip for you.

Mackenzie Taylor