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Best Time to Visit: 

Sweden is at its best in the summer and autumn, but if you’re planning to hike or camp, avoid June and July. Mosquitos are in full swing at this time and make camping uncomfortable. Summer travel is the best in the countryside with beautiful forests and stunning lakes, perfect for a swim! 

Be wary when traveling around Christmas. Stockholm shuts down for a few days around this time and can make it difficult to really experience the city.

Suggested Itineraries: 

Stockholm is one of the cleanest cities in the whole world, so visiting their parks is a must. Djurgården is definatly worth the ferry ride over. A small island in the center of Stockhomlm, Djurgården is full of interesting things to do, including a public garden, a palace turned museum, and an open-air museum! Several types of festivals also happen here, one of the oldest being the Stockholm Jazz Festival. Drottingholm Palace is indeed the private residence of the Swedish Royal Family, but that doesn’t stop it from being a popular tourist attraction. With breathtaking gardens and a stunning façade, its no wonder this estate is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One of the oldest towns in Sweden is Sigtuna. With a picturesque medieval town center, featuring cafes and small shops, Sigtuna is a great place for a getaway from the city. The highlight of this area is St. Mary’s Church, which is a prime example of Brick Gothic architecture. Off into the countryside are old church ruins, as well as a stunning lake.

The archipelago’s in the north is ideal in the summer time. Ferries frequently take passengers around the cluster of islands. It’s a great retreat in the summertime to spend it by the lake and just relax.


A weekend trip to Helsinki or Copenhagen is totally a possibility when staying in Sweden. It’s easy to get around Scandinavia, so a weekend, or even week-long trip is easy to do.