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Sri Lanka

sri lanka


Best Time to Travel:

In order to avoid the two monsoon seasons that Sri Lanka has, December to March is best for the west coast, south coast and Hill Country. For the east coast and ancient cities region, April to September is the best. Of course, if you wanted to visit the whole island, just be sure to be prepared for the rain.

Please note that a visa is required to visit Sri Lanka. Need help? We’re more than happy to assist you.

Suggested Itineraries:

Sri Lanka is home to dozens of beautiful beaches and coastal towns, as well as a chance to go on a safari! What more could you want? 

Check out Unawtuna for the wildlife. Not only are the beaches there breathtaking, but the ecosystem is diverse as well. Over sixty species of birds live the in the surrounding jungles. Take a boat out into the ocean and catch a glimpse of the dolphins and whales that pass through.

Tangalle is also a great coastal town to go to. Located on the southern tip of the island, Tangalle is quite charming with its fresh seafood cuisine great beaches for swimming and diving. A coral reef is just off the coast! Check out the local markets for some truly unique items. Right outside the city is Mulkirigala, a rock monastery where temples have been housed for thousands of years. Stunning wall paintings and giant statues of resting Buddha’s surround the monastery. 

Negombo is perfect for the history buff in you. Head into the center of town and see what influence the Dutch left behind. The country’s second largest fish market is located here. Pick your own dinner and get a chance to meet some of the local fishermen. Negombo is also home to one of the best beaches on the western coast of Sri Lanka. Dive into the coral reef that’s near by and see a shipwreck that serves as an artificial reef to the many varieties of fish that surround the waters. On land, head over to the Muthurajawela Marshland for a different view of the local wildlife. Covering over 14,000 acres, this protected area is home to more than 190 species of fish, birds, reptiles and mammals.

Over on the east coast lies Arugam Bay, a town with a beach that’s famous for its surf. Relax on the beach while enjoying a breathtaking sunrise. Nearby is Lahugala Kitulana National Park, a wildlife sanctuary that’s home to over 100 different types of animals, including elephants, deer, boar, bears, cats and leopards. We are happy to arrange a biologist or naturalist guide for you here. 


Ready for some adventure? Trek into the jungles of Sri Lanka! Spend a few nights hiking and exploring the interior of this unique island.

Since India is just across the way, why not spend some time over there, as well? Go scuba diving off the coast of Southern India before marveling in the unique architecture. Scholars and historians for hundreds of years have gone to this region for its culture, history, and fabulous food.

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