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Best Time to Visit:

Late spring, summer and autumn are the best times to visit Slovakia. Not only will the weather be perfect, but most festivals happen around this time. It’s ideal time to go camping and trekking as well. However, if you’re a ski bum, the winter will be prime time, as there are many great slopes in this country.  

Suggested Itineraries:

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is bursting with life. There are several castles to visit, including Bratislava Castle, which sits atop a hill overlooking the city. There are lots of museums and galleries here, as well.

Venturing over to Spiš Castle is like stepping into Lord of the Rings. It’s literally on the top of the hill overlooking the vast landscape surrounding it. The view is breathtaking. Nearby is Spišská Kapitula, a small town with awesome architecture and a quaint vibe. Both castle and town were put on the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the same time, and are very significant part of Slovakia’s heritage. 

For the ski bums, Tatranská Lomnica is the town for you. Easily accessible by cable car, this little town plays host to some of the best skiing in Slovakia. Day trips to nearby mountain peaks are such a highlight, and totally postcard worthy.


Prague is very close to Slovakia, and is easily reached by train. Letná Park is beautiful all year round, with awesome views of Prague Old Town. A favorite spot for expats is The Globe Bookstore & Café. Floor to ceiling bookshelves cover the walls in Prague’s first English speaking bookstore. A visit to Prague’s Astronomical Clock is a must. The world’s oldest working astronomical clock, this clock is a treasure to Prague. Be sure to keep an eye on the figures that surround the clock at the top of the hour! A weekend in Prague would be incomplete without seeing the Infant Jesus of Prague statue in The Church of Our Lady Victorious. A focal point of the shrine there, this hundreds year old statue holds tremendous weight for the people in Prague as many people continue to flock to it.