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serbia, Bulgaria & Romania


Best Time to Visit:

Mid spring to autumn is the best time to visit this region. The summers are warm and pleasant, and fall is stunning with the crisp air. However, if you’re into skiing, December to March are when you want to travel. The snow will be pristine by then for winter sports.  

Suggested Itineraries:

In Bulgaria, the Boyana Church is a must see. Built in the 10th century, it almost looks like a fortress. But this church is layered with history, and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for this region. The interior is covered in these ancient frescos that are simply amazing. Surrounded by a stunning forest, the Boyana Church is worth the journey. Nesebar is also a neat spot to visit. This ancient town is just south of Sunny Beach, a large beach and resort. Nesbar is lovely, with a fortress, quaint shops, and a museum featuring the town’s extensive history. Of course, a stop over to Sunny Beach is ideal, as the nightlife is amazing and the beach front views are breathtaking. 

In Romania, Bran Castle is a must for any Dracula fan. It sits atop a mountain slope, overlooking a small village at the base. Take a tour through this ancient fortress and see what secret passages you can find along the way. While you’re in Romania, be sure to check out the cluster of churches known as the Churches of Moldavia. This cluster is stunning with amazing views to boot. Bucharest is also a great city to visit if you’re itching for the city life. There are tons of art and history museums here, as well as a great performing arts scene. Most national festivals happen in Bucharest and are a real treat to go to.

Located in Serbia are the Medieval Monuments of Kosovo. These obviously ancient structures have stood the test of time and still stand in Serbia. Over the years, many Serbian writers have written about them and their significance to the country and the architectural style that they helped develop. Just nearby is Belgrade, the capital. Known for its museums, as well as it’s vibrant nightlife, Belgrade is an awesome city to visit. Go camping for a few days near the Danube River and pretend that you’re in Game of Thrones. It’s so rustic out there you’ll believe that you really are.


Need a little more adventure? Why not go trekking through these countries? It’s a unique and interesting way to explore and get to know the land as well as the people who inhabit it.