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Summer is the most popular time to travel to Poland with the weather being perfect for spending the days and evenings outdoors. You may also enjoy visiting during spring or fall (just layer your clothing). Unless you desire to spend time doing winter sports, we suggest you avoid travel during the exceptionally cold winter months. 


Poland is a country full of scenic landscape, incredible culture and extraordinary historical sites. You will enjoy both the cities and countryside alike. Add in a few important historical attractions and this country has so much more to offer than many may realize. Below are our favorite spots.  

You will want to spend a few days in Krakow, easily one of Europe’s most charming cities! You will enjoy strolling through Old Town, people watching in the town square and the incredible views from Royal Wawel Hill (the hilltop Castle and Cathedral). Spend a day with a private guide to enhance your visit and gain great perspective from a local. We also recommend a visit to Oskar Schindler’s Factory.  

Incredibly powerful and difficult to describe, a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau is highly recommended. Limitless Planet is able to arrange this unforgettable stop during your time in Poland to allow for an overnight stay in the nearby city or as a day trip from Krakow. 

Warsaw, the country capital, has so much to offer you may forget that over 85% of the city was destroyed during WWII. The Old Market Place was rebuilt immediately after WWII and still thrives today. Art, museums and historical monuments will all add to your experience in the city. 

We love heading to the Baltic Coast to spend some time in Gdansk. This gorgeous city will fill all your needs for shopping, historical architecture, culture and views. Let us know how you want to spend your time and we are happy to arrange it for you! 

If time allows there are always a few other fun stops. Some of our most fun dining experiences have been in the picturesque town square of Poznan.  A visit to the Masurian Lakeland by bike or boat never disappoints. Finally, the Slowinski Sand Dunes offers a unique experience for those of all ages. 

Please remember that English is very limited in Poland as compared to other European cities and a local guide is always recommended.


Enjoy a lovely weekend in Prague after your stay in Poland! Letná Park is beautiful all year round, with awesome views of Prague Old Town. A favorite spot for expats is The Globe Bookstore & Café. Floor to ceiling bookshelves cover the walls in Prague’s first English speaking bookstore. A visit to Prague’s Astronomical Clock is a must. The world’s oldest working astronomical clock, this clock is a treasure to Prague. Be sure to keep an eye on the figures that surround the clock at the top of the hour! A weekend in Prague would be incomplete without seeing the Infant Jesus of Prague statue in The Church of Our Lady Victorious. A focal point of the shrine there, this hundreds year old statue holds tremendous weight for the people in Prague as many people continue to flock to it.