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Best Time to Travel: 

Norway is at it’s best between May and September. For the runners out there, June plays host to the Midnight Sun Marathon, so you could literally run a marathon at midnight, while the sun is still high in the sky.

Suggested Itineraries: 

Oslo, the capital of Norway, plays host to many sites. One museum that is popular among Norwegians and tourists alike is the Viking Ship Museum. Most of the ships that are highlighted here were from ship burials. Even though these ships are thousands of years old, the intricate carvings are still visible. They’re pretty amazing, and quite the site to see. There are also plenty of other museums that highlight both art, and Norwegian culture. Oslo’s restaurant scene is starting to boom, with local and international favorites flooding the area. 

Bergen is another neat city to visit in Norway. Be sure to take Fløibanen up the mountain Fløyen. Take in the beautiful scenery from the train, and don’t forget to hop out at the stops to explore the area. You can take a day hike this way, and all your friends will sure to be jealous of your photos! Bryggen is a picturesque fishing wharf that looks frozen in time. There are also museums, and shops along this path. 


Take a few days and spend it in Amsterdam. Holland is great anytime of the year, and such a treat to visit!