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Best Time to Travel:

The best time to travel to Jordan would be in the spring and autumn. The daytime temperatures won’t be too extreme, and in the spring, all the wildflowers will be in bloom. Be aware of when Ramadan is happening, as one cannot eat or drink in public during the day.

Note that a visa is required to visit Jordan, but you can obtain one at the airport upon your arrival. 

Suggested Itineraries:

One site that is definitely a must see is Petra, often called the Rose City due to the rose colored stone that it is carved from. This site holds incredible value, not only for Jordan, but for history as well. Established in 312 BC, it’s amazing that Petra still stands today. From a distance, it merely looks like the side of a cliff. Up close, it becomes much more than that with intricate carvings and nooks to explore.  Trek through the caverns and see ancient aqueducts before emerging into the treasury. You might also recognize it from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 

Head over to the Dead Sea and float in the salty waters while watching the sunset. The lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea is truly unique. Many people come here for it’s healing powers, but you can go to relax. 


Visit Egypt for a few days and explore the ancient pyramids.