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Italy is wonderful year-round but there are certainly more enjoyable times of the year to visit. We prefer the weather in late spring and early fall. Be advised that it is extremely hot and muggy during August and most locals take holiday during this month (and many of our favorite spots may be closed). 


Whether you are a fanatical vacationer to Italy or brand new to the country filled with charm, culture and cuisine, Limitless Planet (LP) will ensure your visit is filled with ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences. No matter where each trip takes you, LP will ensure you leave remembering ‘la dolce vita’ that is the quintessence of Italy. 

Rome is always a great starting point for any visitor to Italy. First timers will marvel at the breathtaking history on every Roman corner. Others may desire to gain more personal insight to one of the oldest cities in the world. Shopping, dining and lots of sightseeing will fill your days. Don’t forget to set aside a full day to explore the Vatican. 

Florence fulfills everyone’s travel desires. Art enthusiasts will be overwhelmed with the history. Shoppers will blow their budgets. And foodies will leave this charming city forever craving the cuisine. Let Limitless Planet know what we can do to make your visit unique and special to you. 

Visiting a city with active canals used as passageways is never tiresome. This is one of the many reasons we always recommend spending time in Venice. Whether you get lost in the quaint alleyways, take a ferry to Murano for exquisite glass or take in some local music and art, this romantic city never disappoints. 

While Italy has much more to offer, a few of our favorite side trips include: 

  • Villa rentals in Tuscany for those who love to enjoy great wine, delicious food and fabulous views. We also love to explore by bike! 

  • A weekend in Sicily, the largest Italian island in the South. Head to the top of active Mt. Etna or indulge with wine tasting in Marsala. From mountain to sea, this island is a must-visit at some point during your Italian travels. 

  • Milan for chic shopping, fashion and artsy neighborhoods. 

  • Naples and Pompeii for it’s unique history and ancient ruins that have stayed perfectly preserved. A must see for any history buff.  

  • A visit to Lake Como is perfect for a weekend getaway. Enjoy breathtaking scenery and quaint villas as you lounge by the stunning lake.  


Jet off to Malta for a few days after you’ve had your fill of Italy. Two small islands, just south of Sicily, Malta is the perfect getaway. Explore what the ancient Romans left behind and relax on the beach after a day of shopping and museum going.