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Best Time to Travel: 

Depending on what you would like to see, the best time to visit varies. For a trip up North to Lapland, autumn and winter are the best. Fall would be ideal for the Northern Lights. Winter activities, like skiing and dog sledding also are in full swing at this time. 

The southern part of Finland is great all year round.   

Suggested Itineraries: 

The capital of Finland, Helsinki is a cultural hub of museums, shops and a mix of old world and modern architecture. Finland is home to some of the most intelligent people on the planet, so museums will be abundant. Be sure to check out the Natural History Museum of Finland while you’re there. Helsinki is also home to several football (soccer) stadiums. Catch a match in a stadium built when they hosted the Olympics in 1952! There are also some beautiful markets, like the Market Square, and public baths. Take a soak in a banya for a truly authentic Finnish experience. Take a ferry over to Suomenlinna, and explore the cluster of islands. 

Lapland is home to traditional Sámi culture, and is way up North. With stunning national parks that are home to thousands of reindeer, you’ll definitely want to spend some time up there. If not for the reindeer, than for the breathtaking views. Go at the right time of year and the night sky will fill with the Northern Lights. 

Architecture lovers will love Jyväskylä. A city that sits on the bay, filled to the brim with modern architecture. The Petäjävesi Old Church is more rustic than modern. Added to UNESCO World Heritage List nearly 10 years ago, is lucky to have survived since it is made entirely of wood. While the outside is modest, the interior is stunning with carved wooden beams and an intricate pulpit.


Russia is right around the corner, so why not take a wooden train over into St. Petersburg? It’s lovely any time of the year, with lots of neat things to see.  

Stockholm is also nearby, and would make a great getaway from Finland. With an incredible art scene, and world-class architecture, Stockholm would be a perfect way to end your stay in Europe.  

Need some more adventure? What about trekking through Finland? There is incredible ice fishing, untouched wilderness and dog sledding that is begging you to be a part of it.