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Best Time to Travel:

Because of Egypt’s warm climate, it’s great to go anytime of the year. Keep in mind that December to February is the tourist high season and June to August is the low season. Hotel prices will reflect this. During the summertime months, it gets extremely hot during the day and very cold at night, especially out in the desert.

Please note that a visa is required, we are happy to assist you in the process.  

Suggested Itineraries:

Please note that a guide and driver are highly recommended for your adventure around Egypt.

No trip to Egypt is complete without catching a glimpse of the Giza Pyramids. The last remaining of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, these pyramids have stood the test of time. Take a tour of these ancient structures and marvel in the history the clay bricks hold. While in Cairo, be sure to check out the Egyptian Antiquities Museum where you can see treasures from King Tut’s tomb as well as many other pharaohs. 

Abu Simbel is also a fantastic site to see. Built more than 3,000 years ago by Ramses II to honor his favorite wife, Nefertari, this site is massive with one large temple, and one smaller one. Carved from a sandstone cliff, Egypt has been working endlessly to preserve this treasure. 

Pop over to Philae, a small island on Lake Nasser. See the ruins of the Philae temple and the unfinished obelisk that still stands there.

Nearby is Edfu, the most well preserved temple in all of Egypt. Completed in 57 BC, this temple dedicated to Horus and Hathor showcases what a true Egyptian temple was like. Tall columns and intricate passageways make it feel like you’re back in time. Carvings on the wall can still be seen, as well.

Another interesting site to look into is Saint Catherine’s Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai. It is here, legend says, that Moses saw the burning bush and received the 10 commandments. Not only does it have religious significance, but it also holds many ancient works of art and icons as well. 

Hop on a boat for a cruise down the Nile and see Egypt from a different view. This is how ancient pharaoh’s traveled, now you can, too!


Take a few days and jet over to Jordan for a chance to hike in Petra, a 2,000 year old site with nooks and crannies to explore. After a few days of hiking, take some time and relax by the Dead Sea, where you can see Israel from the shore.