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5 Ways to Save Money on Travel

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. No, seriously. You might think that international trips will cost you a fortune, but you can actually travel abroad for the same price (sometimes even cheaper!) then staying domestically. Wondering how we get people to travel the world without breaking the bank? You’ll want to know the below.

1. Book early!  
Yes, there are sometimes last-minute deals but why have the stress of hoping something goes on sale and then booking last-minute at an exuberant price? Save the hassle and book early! The more rooms or flights that fill up (and fill up they will!), the more expensive the price of your flight and room. 

2. Use tracking apps
If you are planning on booking a flight, download an app like Hopper or SkyScanner to see trends in flight prices. Hopper will let you know if your flight is likely to go down in price, while SkyScanner will pull up the cheapest flight to your destination. 

Another tip is to subscribe to the newsletter from Scott’s Cheap Flights. They will send you flights to all over the world—we even got a flight to London for less than $600 by subscribing to the newsletter. You definitely don’t want to miss out.

3. Have flexible dates
Another way to save cash is by having flexible dates. This will help you determine the cheapest dates to fly. When you search for flights online, click the ‘flexible date’ option and it will show you a weeks worth of flights around the time you want to travel. It will show you which days are the cheapest and which are the most expensive.

4. Book on the edge of the high season
Many places in the world have high seasons—for most of Europe its the summer months—and if you book during those periods, your trip is going to be pretty costly. However, if you hold off and wait for the first week of low season, you will get incredible rates, less tourists in the area, and you won’t feel like your wallet is crying.

5. Download the city’s transportation app 
Whatever city you’re going to be traveling to, look up its local transportation app to find out how best to get from place to place. Public transport is going to be your best option in most locations and you’ll instantly feel like a local navigating the city. 

One of our favorite apps is Citymapper. It will break down the price of each transportation. Be sure to check that it is available in the city you’re going to. 

Mackenzie Taylor