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5 travel apps you should download

There are apps for everything these days—from money management, photo storage, Pokémon playing and most importantly to us, travel. There are so many wonderful travel apps out there, but what ones should you download before your next trip? That’s what we’re here for. These five apps will help you navigate your way through a new city, manage your travel budget and even help you converse with locals.


1/ Citymapper

One of our favorite apps of all time. While Citymapper doesn’t have every single city in their app, they have a large amount of the bigger, touristy cities on their app. If you’re ever lost or not sure which bus/train/tram to take, Citymapper will get you there in no time at all.

2/ Google Translate

Google Translate has the ability to translate 100 languages right on your phone. It can even translate text without data. Yes, without data! One of our favorite things? When you point the app’s camera towards a sign that needs translation, Google Translate will convert the text instantly. The conversation mode, which interprets language two ways, can be used on 32 languages and is extremely helpful when you need to talk to a local.

3/ TripIt

If you’re one of those people that likes to have every part of their trip planned out—this is the app for you. Have all of your documents in one place (flight information, hotel, car rental, reservations, etc.) and the app will put a day-to-day itinerary together for you.

4/ Trail Wallet

Wanting to keep your budget in check while you’re gone? You need to download Trail Wallet. Enter in your daily budget and the length of trip and Trail Wallet will provide an easy-to-understand record of your spending.

5/ FlightAware

There’s nothing worse than going to the airport to realize that your flight is delayed and/or cancelled. Download FlightAware. The app tracks flights across the world, with a live map showing cancellations, delays and gate changes. Enter your upcoming flight number to receive real-time notifications regarding the airplane’s activity. Plus, the Misery Map keeps you informed of inclement weather that may cause cancellations around the globe.

Mackenzie Taylor