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The 10 countries you should explore

Here at Limitless Planet, we love to travel. That’s no secret as we’re a travel company, but people ask us all the time: Where should I travel to next? Well, these ten countries are places we think should be on your travel list.


1.  Myanmar

While Myanmar had been closed off to the world for 40 years, it’s easy to see why people are hesitant and unsure about whether to travel there. It is a country seeped into the past without any modern technologies. Yet, that is what makes Myanmar so spectacular. Located on the edge of Southeast Asia, Myanmar is home to delicious food, wonderful people and an experience of a lifetime. It’s a unique and one-of-a-kind experience unlike any other you could get in the world. When flipping through photos, you can see the nitty gritty beauty of the country that once called itself Burma. With it’s technology-free way of life and incredible locals, it’s a place we would love to go back to time and time again.

2.  Japan

If you’re wanting a place where traditional meets modern, there is no place like Japan. While you walk around Japan, parts of it feel so advanced in the technological space that you think you’re visiting the future. While other parts are dripping in the traditional Japanese culture. You’ll discover new foods you’ll love, incredible over-the-top fashion, and karaoke bars you’ll never want to leave.

3.  Colombia

Colombia’s position in the world affords it a diverse landscape throughout this incredible country. Whether you’re wanting gorgeous Caribbean sands, snowcapped mountains, green hilltop landscape that you can see for miles, or a hustle and bustle capital city, Colombia offers you almost anything and everything.


4.  Cuba

One of our favorite places to visit annually, Cuba is soaked in history and lots and lots (and lots!) of fun. From it’s colorful buildings to its ancient cars and gorgeous beaches, Cuba offers a lick of historical heritage to anyone who wants to try. You definitely won’t find another place quite like it and like Camila Cabello states: you’ll leave your heart there.

5.  Croatia

Look at any photo of Croatia and you’ll see why this is in our top 10 places to visit. This Mediterranean country is an absolute dream with unbelievable water and ancient walled towns that are straight out of Game of Thrones (literally). Whether you want to have a laid back week exploring the city streets or on a yacht enjoying yacht week in the sea, there is something for everyone here.

6.  Ecuador

Want to experience an Amazonian forest, picture perfect towns and unreal white sandy beaches? Ecuador is for you. There is plethora of things to do: From experiencing the rich history of Quito and Cuenca to hiking along the Andes where you’ll see fairytale-style villages to seeing actual wildlife in their natural habitat. Ecuador is unreal and a place you won’t ever experience anywhere else.

7.  Bhutan

Never heard of this Himalayan paradise? Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you why it’s on our top 10 list. If you want to have a spiritual experience, an incredible getaway, and a place where you will get your moneys worth. Tourists pay a minimum tariff of $250 per day—which definitely 1) seems like a lot and 2) why do you have to pay a tariff? However, this includes your accommodation, food, transport, and an official guide are all included. Explore snow-capped mountains, fortress-like dzongs and monasteries, and landscapes that are completely preserved  and untouched.

8.  Egypt

Flipping through photos online of Egypt, it’s can easily be seen why we love Egypt. You will discover truly fascinating history while walking around the Pharanoic temples and sand-covered tombs. If sand dunes aren’t your thing, the Red Sea and Nile are ready and waiting for you. You can even take a cruise along the Nile to experience a different way to see Egypt—whatever you do, you won’t want to miss this country.

9.  Kenya

Most people when they think of Africa, think of Kenya. The vast landscape, the Indian Ocean, and the dense, populated forest are what make Kenya so incredibly unique and wonderful. The wildlife in Kenya is one of the top reasons to go—the conservation communities protects the wildlife while also bringing tourism in to see these wonderful animals in an environment they thrive in. Kenya is a place you want to explore and see every inch of because there is something to see at every turn.

10. Iceland

There is no other place on the earth like Iceland. Yes, tourism has increased. Yes, it’s expensive. But it is so worth seeing. The underpopulated island has scenery like you wouldn’t believe until you experience it with your own eyes. From it’s volcanic lava, to the waterfalls almost at every corner, to the vast and beautiful blue lagoons, Iceland is a country made to be explored and seen.

Mackenzie Taylor