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Best Time to Travel: 

Especially if you plan to trek through Bhutan, autumn is the best time to go. Late September to late November, the skies are clear and temperature isn’t sweltering. Just be sure to keep an umbrella handy, as rain is never far off. Other than autumn, spring is also a great time to visit. It’s a little rainier, but the flowers will be in bloom and the birds are abundant. It’s an ideal for pictures!

Please note that a visa is required before entering Bhutan. Need help getting one? We’re happy to help.

Suggested Itineraries: 

Known as the ‘happiest’ country in the world, Bhutan is amazing for those looking to become immersed in the culture.

Filled with ornate buildings in the middle of a mountain valley, Paro is stunning. Just outside of this quaint city lies Taktshang, a monastery and mediation site on the face of a cliff. The actual structure was built in 1692, but people have been coming here long before that to worship. Paintings line the walls and there other small structures on the site as well.  You’ll have to hike up a path lined with prayer flags and shrines to get there, but the site is worth it. Go at the right time, and you can go into the founder Guru Rinpoche’s meditation cave.

Smaller towns, like Jakar, are also neat to visit. Small shops and authentic cuisine make it a real treat to travel through. The Jakar Dzong, a large fortress that overlooks the town is a marvel. Hike up and see the town from a different view. 

Stopping in Trashiyangtse for the Chorten Kora Festival is a must. People from all over the region come and celebrate the stupa located in the middle of the town. Full of dancing, and traditional music, this festival lasts for days. Stay for the whole time, or just a few days. The experience will last you a lifetime. 

Traveling through the Lhuntse region will also leave you with memories. Monasteries dot the landscape, but be sure to not over look the villages. The best weavers in the country live here. Silk scarves and fabrics are a must have.

Bhutan hosts festivals years round, so you’re never far off from some color and culture. Let us know if you have one in mind, and we will plan your trip accordingly.

A private guide and driver are highly encouraged in Bhutan.


A popular way to travel around Bhutan is to trek or backpack across the country. Spend more time in this beautiful country and see it in a totally unique way by trekking through the landscape and gaining a new appreciation for the village lifestyle.

The yogi in you will love spending time and unwinding in the monasteries and temples. Go on a yoga retreat with us and discover something within yourself.

Want to see a little more of Southeast Asia? Head over to Kathmandu in Nepal for a few days. This city with a rich history has lots to see and do! With great markets and fascinating religious sites, you won’t get bored here.