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Austria has so much to offer year round! Autumn is perfect for wine lovers. The holiday season offers you the unique experience of enjoying Christmas Markets. The winter season offers spectacular skiing in the Austrian Alps (followed by relaxing in the thermal baths). Spring and summer allow you all types of outdoor enjoyment. 


No matter the time of year you travel to Austria and regardless of how many times you’ve visited this picturesque European country, you will always want to include time to spend in Vienna. The city of Vienna has a comfortable elegance and always something new to explore. You will find exquisite hotels, incredible shopping, and delectable food all alongside culture, history and art. If that isn’t enough to keep you coming back, there are wineries less than an hour from the city center. 

Salzburg attracts many for its connections to both Mozart and the Sound of Music. Limitless Planet can enhance your personal experiences in both these areas if desired. And this lovely town has even more to offer for art, history and music lovers. And don’t forget to take time for more shopping and gorgeous gardens. 

Innsbruck is the city that truly offers something for everyone, especially in the winter time. You’ll almost think you’ve crossed the border as you arrive. Nestled in the heart of the Alps, you may easily visit a baroque-style palace in the morning and ski the Alps in the afternoon. But sometimes we just enjoy relaxing dinners surrounded by views of snow-capped mountains. 

If time allows in your travels, you will enjoy Graz (especially Old Town) for its architecture and lively atmosphere. 


Germany is just next door to Austria, so why not go there for a few days? Munich’s dotted with great food and beer gardens, as well as a lively nightlife. Hop on up to Nuremberg, or even to Prague. All these great cities are just within reach once you’re in Austria.