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Best Time to Travel: 

Portugal is great to visit all year round. Summer, however, will be the heaviest travel time, and the most expensive. Spring and autumn are great because the rain will have calmed down a bit and the weather will be perfect. If you don’t mind the rain, Portugal has very mild winters. 

Suggested Itineraries: 

Of course, the beaches in Portugal are breathtaking with many to choose from. The Marinha Beach in Algarve is amazing and totally Instagram worthy with it’s blue green waters and rock formations jutting out of the ocean. Algarve is great for more than just it’s beach, though. Festivals take place throughout the year and are a treat to go to.

Known as “The Portuguese Venice”, Averio is beautiful with its intricate canal system and stunning architecture. While you’re here, be sure to try some traditional sweets like ovos moles de averio and trouxas de ovos. Both dishes are famous here!

Porto is one of those cities where pockets of it look untouched by time. Off the coast of northern Portugal, this city is stunning with breathtaking views of the water. Take an architecture tour around the city and then treat yourself to some port wine, some of the best is located along the Douro River.

Sintra is the perfect day trip city out of Lisbon. With old world charm, Sintra is ideal for any traveler. Be sure to check out Pena National Palace, one of the seven wonders of Portugal. The once summer residence of the royals, guests can now take tours through the grounds. It’s simply breathtaking and a true site to see. The architecture is unmatched and will leave you breathless. 

You definitely won’t want to leave Lisbon. Guided tours let you see the local side of the city, while still catching all the major sites like the Belém Tower and Eduardo VII Park. There are also many museums here with interesting backgrounds, like the Electricity Museum and the National Coach Museum. If you’re looking for something more traditional, the Jerónimos Monastery is just the thing. With awesome details and it’s massive size, you could spend hours trying to see everything. 


Take a boat out to one of the many islands that lay just off the coast of Portugal. These breathtaking waters are so enticing and the views are incredible.

Morocco is right nearby, so why not spend a weekend in Tangier? The markets are incredible and the city is known for it’s breathtaking ocean views.