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Best Time to Travel:

Spring is the one of the best times to visit Greenland. Not only do the days become longer after winter, but the temperatures are more bearable, and there is still a good amount of snow on the ground. Summer is typically warming with mosquitos, but packing repellent usually does the trick. If you’re wanting to see the aurora borealis, August to mid-November, and mid-February to early April are going to be your best bet to see these amazing lights.

Suggested Itineraries: 

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland, with plenty of outdoor trekking to do. A visit to the Nuuk Art Museum is totally worth it. With a vast collection, including many Danish artists and even a few pieces by Andy Warhol, the Nuuk Art Museum is a treat. Near Nuuk is Kangeq, an abandoned fishing village. It’s eerily beautiful with a river flowing though it and postcard worthy landscape. 

Along the eastern coast is Tasiilaq, a tiny town surrounded by rolling mountains. Nearby is the Mittivakkat Glacier. While many people go there to do research, many also like to hike out there.  

A popular tourist destination is the Ilulissat Icefjord. It’s massive and produces 20 billion tons of icebergs each year. It’s awesome to visit! 


Need some more adventure? Why not take some sled dogs up to the North Pole! It’s a unique and interesting way to really see the country, as well as going to the North Pole itself.