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5 things you didn’t know about Iceland

We’re headed to Iceland in August and to get you excited about the trip—and make you want to book with us!—we’re bringing you five things you might not know about Iceland.

1. It’s the size of Ohio
Seriously, the island of Iceland is the size of the state of Ohio measuring at around 39,000 square miles. While it’s possible to drive around the entire country in under a day, you’ll want to make the most out of it. The island is comprised entirely of Basaltic rock and sits on top of the volcano that formed the island. Interesting, huh?

2. The volcanos are still active
More than likely you know this but have forgotten because it’s not a regular occurrence in our own lives. Volcano drilling is an everyday routine in Iceland and every four to five years, a volcano will erupt (remember that volcano back in 2010 that disrupted almost all flights? Yeah, that was in Iceland). 

3. Prohibition is still a thing
Iceland is pretty secluded (obviously, it’s an island) and have limited access to a lot of things that are normal to us, like McDonald’s and until recently, beer. A late prohibition in the 20th-century made beer and mead illegal to drink until it was overturned in 1989. Now you can drink, but be warned: it’s very expensive.

4. Some children left behind
The country is so safe that locals will leave their sleeping children in their strollers outside of shops. Yes, you read that correctly. They leave their kids outside places. But don’t think that this is weird or bad, it’s their culture. Plus, they claim that the cooler temperatures help support the child’s immune system.

5. The best in clean energy
Iceland is leading the way in clean energy. 85 percent of the nation’s energy comes from renewable resources and half of the country’s energy are met through geothermal energy. 

Mackenzie Taylor