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Best time to travel:

Late spring, summer and early autumn are the best times to visit Denmark. Lots of open-air concerts and festivals happen during the summer, and are great fun to visit.   

Suggest itineraries:

Copenhagen is the most visited city in all of Denmark. Anything you could want to do there is possible. Dozens of museums are at your doorstep, as well as some local favorites. The Little Mermaid statue rests on a rock by the waterside on the Langeline promenade near the water. It’s been a major tourist attraction for over 100 years, and while it has been the subject of vandalism, she still stands, or sits rather. Near Copenhagen is Kronborg, a castle mentioned in Shakespeare’s Hamlet under the name ElsinoreIt’s a stunning estate with views overlooking the water and immaculate kept grounds. One of the most important Renaissance castles in all of Europe, this is defiantly something to cross off your list.

Bornholm is adorable. While you will have to take a ferry there, it’s relatively easy to do. Ruins of ancient fortresses are dotted throughout the island and are fun to explore. Spend a few days here getting to know this tiny island! 


Amsterdam is right nearby, and perfect to end a trip to Europe with. Spend some time visiting this classic city, exploring the different museums and cafes.